Why Innovative?

From my point of view there are lots of reasons. I believe that these reasons are also good for you, too. Let's summerize a few of them here:

First, I am a very small organization - you can't get smaller than one - that specializes in personal service to one client at a time. You. Like all companies I have to do a certain amount of business to make a profit and stay in business. However, because of my size I do not have the massive overhead that most real estate companies have. So I can concentrate on client's needs, not how many listings and sales I need.

Second, I am highly in tune with the technological improvements that are available. I don't just go out and buy the latest gizmo, just the ones that help you and me. You might ask how being hi-tech can let me be hi-personal service...a valid question. The answer is: the hi-tech part let's me do the non-personal stuff that I have to do everyday faster so more time is available for clients, and, it helps make information available to buyers and sellers without hassles.

Third, this website with the PicTours page and my toll-free 24/7 Info Hotline number allows buyers to access the information on homes marketed by me in today's preferred manner i.e. on their time at their convenience with no obligation whatsoever. The Info Hotline allows me to do follow-up with buyers who call it in a unique, non-threatening way.

Fourth, my FlexFees menu of services will allow you to pick which services you require and pay only for those services. I am a full-service brokerage company, not a discount company, and I charge full service fees for full service. But if you don't require full-service my fees can be tailored to the services you need.

Fifth, I do not nickle and dime you with additonal fees like most brokers are today. I have one competitive full-service fee for my full-service marketing...period.

There are many more reasons, and you can see them all in the Online Presentation.